in Re carcamo/castillo Minors

If this opinion indicates that it is “FOR PUBLICATION,” it is subject to revision until final publication in the Michigan Appeals Reports. STATE OF MICHIGAN COURT OF APPEALS UNPUBLISHED In re CARCAMO/CASTILLO, Minors. September 19, 2019 No. 345840 Oakland Circuit Court Family Division LC No. 2016-841892-NA Before: O’BRIEN, P.J., and BECKERING and LETICA, JJ. PER CURIAM. Respondent appeals as of right the trial court’s order terminating her parental rights to her six minor children under MCL 712A.19b(3)(b)(ii), (c)(i), (g), and (j). We affirm. I. FACTUAL BACKGROUND This case arises out of physical and sexual abuse that the children from respondent’s first marriage suffered at the hands of her second husband (Castilllo). Respondent and her first husband (Carcamo) had four children: JTC, JAC, JMC, and JJC. Carcamo, an illegal immigrant, was eventually deported and, while he was out of the country, respondent divorced him. 1 Meanwhile, respondent married Castillo, with whom she had three children: BPC, BCC, and BBC. As aptly summarized by the trial court: All of the minor children were removed from Respondent-Mother’s care on April 28, 2016. The original petition was authorized on April 29, 2016 and alleged that [Castillo] had sexually abused [JMC] and [JAC] and physically abused [JJC] and [JMC] by locking them in their rooms for hours, tying the children to cinderblocks in the basement, and putting the children on their knees while holding paint buckets on their heads. The allegations as to Respondent- 1 Carcamo later reentered the country and settled in Tennessee. -1- Mother were that she was aware of the physical abuse but failed to protect the children, failed to enroll any of the children in school, and was homeless. As to [Carcamo] the allegation in the petition was that he had not had any contact with his children in 6 years, had no plan for the children, and had not provided any emotional support for the children. On May 31, 2016, Respondent-Mother pled responsible to the allegations in the petition and the court took jurisdiction of the minor children. . . . [Castillo] was convicted of four counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct in July 2016. [His] parental rights to his minor children were terminated . . . and he is no longer a respondent in this case. . . . [T]hree Carcamo [c]hildren have serious mental health issues as a result of the trauma they suffered at the hands of [Castillo]. At one point during these proceedings [JMC] was hospitalized for her psychological needs. . . . [T]hree Carcamo [c]hildren continue to participate in therapy to address the trauma they suffered. After the trial court exercised jurisdiction and terminated Castillo’s parental rights to his children with respondent, the permanency goal for all of the minor children remained reunification with respondent. A parent-agency treatment plan was implemented, and respondent received services, from which she initially seemed to benefit. Ultimately, at petitioner’s discretion, the children were returned to respondent’s care, subject to the continued jurisdiction of the trial court and the ...

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