Upload Your File

Please email your documents to directly to group @biahelp.com .  Our website is currently undergoing maintenance.   You will be emailed a payment link or you can go here to payhttps://www.biahelp.com/make-payment/ .

If your documents are received by 4pm eastern time they will be filed the same day.

The fee is $99.  


*If your filing requires a BIA court filing fee you must pay directly through the EOIR payment website below and attach the receipt to your filing


EOIR PAYMENT PORTAL https://epay.eoir.justice.gov/index)

There is an extra charge for any document over 100 pages or for special processing of any document on a case by case basis. 

Files larger than 100 pages must be received by 3pm Eastern Time and anything longer than 125 pages requires special processing call for the time you must submit.